Lip Stitch!

Clinique lip Superbalm treatment
Clinique lip Superbalm treatment

A stitch in time saves nine. Never thought it would be so appropriately used by me. Yes, yes fall is coming and we are all ready, waiting for its arrival eagerly. But that also brings us along with the chill, a my-skin-is-so-dry syndrome! Watch out girls and boys I have found a perfect saviour for all your kissable lips. No one will say no to kiss, no gloss will say yuck a blotch, a cut  a crack and so pale your lips.

And here I present you with the magic in a small bottle (or should I just say tube and make it feel a bit more real) – it is none other than our very own- a Clinique product– it is Clinique Superbalm lip treatment.  The perfect example of all good things is in small packages. It’s not like I am getting paid for the promotion, but it is like a social awareness thing you see, doing it for free (only this one time).

It hydrates the lips, treats them and fixes the damages in less time. I try and experiment so much when it comes to beauty and makeup and this one took my heart away. Nailed it bro! You would feel the same silky smooth lips in very early days of its usage and later on it will be your, necessary evil in the bag. It is the right choice for the ” fall is coming “.  Go get yourself one before it is all gone to the those who love their lips more than you do!


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