Who let the dogs out!

The mind is everything,

What you think, you become

What you feel, you attract

What you imagine, you create.


By this age in our life (whatever your age is, but I am still pretty young), we have had many such experiences where we wish we hadn’t been. The thing that makes it worse for you is the brain. This old chap (yes the gray matter) is so bored of us, that it certainly wishes to daunt us with its quirkiness and that my people is the mother of all misery if you ask me. Our thoughts are much, much worse than the actual thing. My recent guilt is few life changing decision I took and that makes me least of happy. Its not that bad, but the moment I come to think of it, the things that could have happened if I had not made such choices and blah, I feel irrelevant, nauseous, all grumpy and whiny, and top of all suicidal. I haven’t been able to get up from my ad because I felt super useless and it is all because I had these thoughts that made me feel what stupid I am and how unwanted this all feels. This morning all my motivational talk did to me is that I need me if no one else, and I got back, no one needs you girl!! goooo die now!!  Whoever said that the  brain is controllable, wasn’t dealing with this one. Wants to study- oh no lets sleeeeeep now!!  Wanna eat tasty- ohhhh but you are fat, you will explode. What is wrong with you old gray? Why so bored? I just wonder who is letting you let these dog thoughts out (they bite you see). * meditating *. Ok.bye.


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