Peaches and Pinks

IMG_20160115_155135Season comes Season goes, but what stays with you is your style and the right product you use to enhance the same. I am here talking about the makeup junk we often feel conscious about. Especially if it is the blush we have to decide on. The best way is to impress yourself first and before you go out make sure you have practiced it well before getting ready for the party. A tip- don’t look like a clown and just stroke it everywhere that covers the cheeks,it can give someone a stroke(ha ha trying to be funny but it is a serious tip). By far what would be better is you stick to cheek bones and a stroke n see, there you blush.’s not that difficult. Pink and peaches should be chosen according to your skin type and of course the clothes and makeup. So, M.A.C , Too Faced , Benefit , L’oreal has impressed me a tad too much and so, here I say it, buy these without stressing the brain cells . ( I roasted mine a bit too much and so, trying to save people. Another attempt of serving people with my kind heart and social work drive. )



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