Seal it with a KISS


Had it been anything less than perfect on your face, you would have it from me. I keep telling people who fail to use the right lip color and expect to look flawless. I am very bad critic when it comes to lips, the shape and shade. Imagine if Cindrella or our sleeping beauty had put those tacky shades, you think they would have  got their true loves KISS??!!! NOOOOOO , right? So, it is very important to put the right color on those luscious lips and make the world swoon over them and drool and want such for themselves too. It’s an art to carry those wild colors, nudes, pinks , blacks too. It’s how you carry yourself, that attitude, the way it matches or goes with your look. It has to be all of it to be a killer look bombshell. A perfect pair of lips could just make people listen to you , may draw attention , and tadaaa you rule!!!! It’s all in the tuning and dare you people to cross that line, experiment and live those reds , blues and browns. It’s a blessing we have such amazing makeup leads in our lives and they give us what we want before we could even think of such colors, so why  grab it girls its always a win win for those who know how to shape and tape it (you know what I mean right?) So, Lets seal this deal with a kiss and use this as a weapon to claim what it ours. *wink wink*. XoXo


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