Better than Sex!

Having sworn myself as the girl under the mascara, I guess it is only fair on my part if I talk about the most essential product for me, a mascara, that defines me better. So, today it is going to be about the weapon that accentuates, highlight those pretty eyes. A mascara is not just some makeup, it is what gives those eyelashes an attractive look to enhance the feature and beautify those doting eyes.

My lots ,lots favy is Too Faced, better than sex! Which is everything your eyes want and your lashes ever dreamt of. This lovely and stunner piece is worth every penny that you would spend on it. IMG-20160229-WA0042-2.jpg

This lil slick devil is the best tool to make the moves, maybe flutter those dark dense lashes and feel the effect. This beautiful magic wand of a thing makes your lashes look dark, thicker and more dense than ever. It adds on to the sexy quotient.


I was so intrigued by the name itself that it became so difficult to say no to this one. But once I used it, the effect was orgasmic in the best, purest and nicest way if we ever put it. It didn’t just add volume and lustre, or make the eyes look like that of some Godess’s. Mine had that glow and shine which can’t ever be replaced. The Gothic diva look is easily attainable. I would rank it a total heartthrob, and a must have  for all the sexy ladies out here. After all ,it’s all in the eyes. No? You can always walk into the room and imagine the backdrop music to be hey sexy lady and you give people that Diva looks and walk away and maybe give the sly look from under the mascara.



If the devil wears Prada , you don’t go, Nada and wear a mascara.*wink wink* XoXo


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