Wedding bells or drums?

This month of love brings us to the season of wedding bells. With most of my friends married now,  I have been feeling a little outcast. Each time someone gets married, I have my head filled with so many thoughts, questions and emotions. Is this it? Would it be the end? Will they ever call me? Would they ever want to meet? How many things are going to change. But if it stays same, would it be the this same? A wedding is a delight. I love weddings. They are loud, bright, colorful. Our bride is assumed to be vivacious, no matter what inner turmoil she is dealing with. Leaving your home has never easy and the wedding is like celebrating your exit from your family to someone else’s.


The ‘onset’ of celebrations begins with small rituals like Pooja, Tilaks, praying to God, thanking all of them for uniting two people and all that jazz. With so many functions the bride’s got to be a Bridezilla, who can smile at all the times? The bride is rather delirious most of the times, not even knowing half the people she has to meet at all the functions.

With the dancing and constant parading of smile, Henna ceremony is a very colorful function. The bride is decorated with flowers and then she gets a henna tattoo, a traditional symbol. The ceremony is loud, and the bride garners all the attention to herself so smoothly, especially coz of the henna tattoo she is going to get. The tattoo design, color and the aura of such ceremony is very traditional, is a mark of wedding beginning. The prettiness is never ignored, the darker the color of your henna the more husband loves you(just a way of keeping up the spirits, I am sure, as a woman would never back out on testing the love of her man :p).


Everytime I see a bride in her bridal attire I can’t stop humming this lovely track- who run the world-Girls!!  (No specific reason!) The moment the bride enters the place, the whole scenario shifts and her piousness is all over the place. When I saw my darling peeps getting married, it was not about how they were looking, it was the feeling you get when you see a bride, that she is the one, she is special and it is a huge life changing event. The whole bridal getup and the air around you changes and all the swag of a bride makes me swoon for real. Special themes are planned for the bride and groom entries, the decoration of the place to be in sync with, all of this makes wedding grand. It never amazes me when some  weddings are called the big fat Indian wedding, because we have a rich culture and it needs to be highlighted, the colors are the symbol of strength.  It is not just that simple and let’s not be a buzzkill, dancing is soooo much a part of the liveliness and noooo !! You have no escaping from it. That’s how you live in that moment and become a real part of the ceremonies. As much as the Pheras and garland exchange is involved, yes, they are fun and cannot be missed. (The bride has to spend so much time getting ready, I guess everyone owes her at least one decent look. That’s the least you could do to her for all the pain she took to look what she looks like. So, behave and look at her in praise and tell her she looks mesmerizing and stunning and all the good words.)

IMG_20160302_091750 (1)

Parting ways always breaks a heart, but when you see two people looking at each other and that look in their eye, makes all the separations worth it. The beauty is you become a part of someone’s life, just like a limp, inseparable, and it is all worth a shot. Love has no bounds, and wedding affair is not just bells it is rather drums. (You know all the fuzz and shopping and trousseau, makeup, gifts and oh lord! Too many things from comb to shoes.

Those planning with a wedding, pull up your pants and socks and everything you can, this wedding affair ain’t easy. XoXo



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