Complex thinking

With not doing much and being utterly useless to not just me but my relations as well. sitting idle is not my forte is what I could conclude for now. as much as I wish to be an agony aunt with my silver tongue and all that, I have utterly failed at something that means the world to me. Two people and missing words here and there would take a toll on any relation I guess. So, apparently I could not be a friend and listener. I make things revolve around me were as far as I am concerned it pretty much revolves around the wondering souls I am talking about. I can’t sit and listen and let the person share and just nod, that is another problem I must deal with because what is the whole point of even anything when you lack the supporting bone for loved one. I try but guess that is not enough anymore. Hate being scared but that is how I am feeling at the moment. The brain is such complex and so is love and other relationships. Wish things were communicated through brain waves because words are not helpful anymore and gestures I don’t know. * wants the earth open up and swallow her*. Will be working on mending what’s broke, for tomorrow is a new day and I would go to the moon to save this one.


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