The what if’s

Every day I wake up with the thought of too many what ifs. Some may often call me depressed or just sad, to me I am just lost. I had been wondering how many of us are just lost and we get to misjudged. 

I am quiet unsettled in all the possible ways, it makes me want to cry mostly but what can I do?! I am lost, wishing not to be found. The thought that what if I had been less of a coward, what if I picked that dress , what if I slept little less , what if I studied, what if I had not left in the first place. The head is such guilt tripping at times that the life seems impossible to be pleasing. But that is not enough to give up I guess. What if I was stronger for myself now and forever. Is it just my strange mind? I really talk weird sometimes. *this was awkward* you may wanna ignore this!


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