The moment of pain

What hurts more than to realise how stupid and brainless you really are? I have been facing it a lot lately, my moment of pain is this. When the moment of truth is your result, when you have nothing to say to the people judging you openly, that is another moment of truth. It is that time when you see the real you. You cann either come out as strong or be fragile. This is the mirror you were missing and needed to face. It is a pain to deal with and it hurts too bad too but what’s truth shall always rise. No escape in short! 

This is that moment when I realised how dumb this brain could be, without putting in much of efforts I had been living a genius dream. Now, if that’s not dumb that what is?! And the other thing I do often is I feel bad about that, I regret. Sometimes I feel I am loving regret machine. When the whole time it had been in me, could be done easily, I chose not to and live in the pain. This moment of pain is all going to change you, so better buckle up now or repend it later, the choice is yours, you are the pilot of your life.


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