What’s under those clothes?!

Every day I look at myself in the mirror and I see a fat girl under those clothes. So after a lot of torturing and self hate I realised its not just that to me, it’s what’s under the clothes, it is who I am, the person underneath, the fat and the body I carry is just my daily bearers. I am what I do, which is mostly talk and sleep these days, I get angry and I cry out loud, but I love people, I throw myself in the leap of faith hoping of receiving that kind of love from the people around me, for me I am a hopeful person. 

How is that anything bad?! Right?! Does being fat all I have underneath?! Isn’t my soul and brains and the things I do got to do more with who I am that what I look like?! Sometimes I say who am I kidding to but then a fairy( me obv) tells me not to bother and be what you wanted to and ignore the voices, because you are wonderful and that heart is so you! You were born to love and teach people how to love, so why not start loving yourself first?! 

This did shake me up a bit and I guess we all have something of this kind haunting us daily, it’s time we push them where they belong to, and work with zeal to where we want to see us and then we ask ourselves, what’s under those clothes?! šŸ˜‰ 

Just remember you are one of a kind. So be you.

Girlwhoseesunderthemascara signing off.



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