Keep Rolling 

I guess I keep rolling in the love for roller lash mascara from benefit. I felt so dramatic about it, and had to really control my impatience while trying this one. Yes it is true, you can kiss goodbye to those eyelash crushing rollers now. This beautiful blessing is a treat to the lashes and saves all the hurt. Throw that curler away *screamed my inner goodness* once I had put it. It is sooo amazing and long lasting, giving the lashes the desired curl up look and yes making a huge impact too.

All I learnt from my experience is never underestimate a good mascara power! 

I am the girl under the mascara, I believe in mascara. This one is a must buy actually to give your lashes a break from everything else to keep holding. Don’t break em, keep it rolling babies!

I feel like a eyelash ninja now! So amazing and rad. But then who doesn’t love benefit?! Benegirl always sorta?!

Enjoy this treat to the eyes( oh the one I have has a super duper cute mini travel piece as well *drooling over its cuteness*. 
Girlwhoseesunderthemascara signing off.



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