My soul pacifier!

So it has been forever since I did what I do better than other things, i.e. talking makeup. It is my saviour in bad times and a true friend in lows of course.

There are some of us who love to just buy the products we know we won’t be using. I have this compulsion to be honest. They look so pretty and what harm could they do staying in my bag. I always feel that ways, I can’t help it. It is something that makes me happy, or makes up for a crappy day. When I talk about makeup the world seems a better place. All pretty in those tiny little shimmery cases. Awwww!!

( I am so thinking about marc Jacob beauty at this moment. Look at those pretty cases!! *lovestruck*)

When the world ditches you, you know you have pretty awesome makeup waiting for you at home and yes it let’s you talk to it too. It is a pacifier at so many levels, you know you look rad even when you know nothing about the application just coz you have put it somehow and it is meant to make a difference. Hence the confidence and smart talk made easy for you. 

Keep buying and keep trying, for makeup never complains. šŸ˜‰

A makeup obsessed person knows the feeling for sure.

Girlwhoseesunderthemascara signing off.



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