The split ends

You must be thinking it is my hair trauma making me write this but no this is rather serious than that ( it is also possible that I have my palms itching to write about that too now).

All we normal humans have friends, the ones we love irrespective of anything they say or do or even when they like to stay busy and absent. Nothing could change the love we feel for them. But does that really mean it’s not right or healthy?!

Since when did friends so close for years become splits ends of life and are to be cut off for some better growth? What does having a friend mean to you? And we all have that special friend, I know I do. Irrespective of the current scenario I’m pretty sure il always feel this way for my lifetime achievement pal. That’s how I like to put it. I feel I have a split personality, I love and adore and I get pissed like a real piss( you know the pressure? That’s what I mean here) with certain things. It hasn’t changed my feelings and thoughts. I guess time is the ultimate healer and I hope it does heal these open wounds in time. Because time is not a real good friend of mine btw!

All the fights and everything goes in vain, because you know deep down what it is like to have them with you, no matter  what happens, one thing never changes, they know they have you and you know you have them, especially the special one.

Most of the people I talk to hate my texting skills, as they know I am terrible at texting and I am horrible at reacting when I text, I guess I believe the meaning somewhere gets lost. Well I am writing here and it makes me feel lighter. I wonder how many of us have been dealing with such thoughts and wondering if they are lucky as I feel mostly except when we fight irrationally.

It is always good to have them in life, but if things are so well and good, why split the end of the friend and fry it so deep that it becomes toxic for you? Thinking over my over processed mind and thought is making me end ties with myself also at the moment. Hoping we all find the peace in us soon and kick start the cases with some enthralling stories in the days to come. It is not the ending but a start to something we may not have seen. Beauty of the unseen future. Anticipating the things to go better and back to normal soon. People matter, but best ones, well they matter the most.

Stop playing with the split ends and use some good product from the start and proper grooming of the hair from time to time is the key too I guess, but then, what do I know, I have horrible frizzy hair right now. *monsoon is testing me*

You can feel confused what it is really about. I told you I think I have some split personality issues here. Sighs!!

Girlwhoseesunderthemascara signing off



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