For people who say I am girl so…

It took me sometime to say this but I have a hate towards those people especially the girls who think /say being a girl is powerful but yes there is a but because they can’t do certain things in life as they are girls. And to top it all the reason of my anger is they seem to be okay. 

It is okay for everyone to have an opinion but why stereotype something to a gender. Such thoughts alone are the cause of our present day scenario. No wonder it is said a women’s biggest enemy is another women. 

This is not my being a feminist or something but the rage I feel everytime I hear someone point it that oh a girl can’t go to so and so place or do so and so thing. I want to know why!? I’m not talking about any thing related to work but other thing a girl wishes to do but gets turned down but herself because she feels I won’t be allowed. Why you need a permission to do what you like? Where is this society when you want them to save you from some accident or any harassment?!! They watch!! So if you think being a girl means restricting yourself in the shackles of people who you love or yourself then I’m sorry to say you are really disappointing. 

It infuriates me and has been doing it since I realised what it is like to be a girl in this society where people we love, see us with a different perspective each time. 

Girlwhoseesunderthemascara signing off with a hurt heart.

*just a frown*


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