Don’t be a goodbye. Please!

Ever had that feeling where you are counting and thinking that lord show some mercy and may this never happen?? 

Well that feeling I’m talking about. The constant hurt or pit in the stomach sort of thing. The time is no right, but the people are alright. Well that’s how I see it now. Goodbye is easy, but the challenge is after that. I hate this feeling where I feel il be shoooed or I will be getting a goodbye from someone real close. Feeling desperate at this hour, I thought writing about it may change the thought. I hope it works, if there is enough hope left. I am hopeful to the point hope stays behind me. People know what they wish and want, I know this. But how to change the goodbye to a good to see you?? And that should stay for all life long. The mind is crumbled but the soul is intact. Don’t take me wrong but the love is pure and life is tragic. How to stay calm and know it is going to be okay? Apart from telling yourself that it is going to? The worst is we don’t know how long is forever, because the time I have now is very much like a forever. The fairy take may not be working but magic will happen and things will change. For the love is all I have to give and it is going to be forever like this.

Girlwhoseesunderthemascara signing off.



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