Grandest grape of all

Clinique stick intense moisturising lip color balms is what I will be talking about here. I tried the grandest grape shade from all the colors it has. I have to admit it is my new fave. I just cannot leave the house without it. The glides on my lips. Easy to apply and amazing hydration and the shine. It keeps the lips soft and gives a lovely finishing touch.

Yes it is transferable and is not really that long lasting. I do keep applying in some time. But otherwise I really like it and also the color I picked is pretty rad. Try the others shades. Glam up with the intense hydration balm. Lips that make you feel like your favourite celebrity. Celeb look in just one application on the lips. How cool is that now!!??

Don’t hesitate in trying new things. I don’t and I have got amazing experiences from them or products and looks if I may say.;) guess where i bought it from? yep from one and only @mynykaa


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