Chanel confidence ( cc )

I have always been conscious of the spots on the skin or the pores that stay post any foundation or bb application.

This time I followed my heart into it and bought myself a CC cream by Chanel. The complete correction face care as it promises is actually true. I feel quite satisfied with my skin type which is mostly dry and have to be taken care every now and then. I feel it illuminates the whole face with some glow and makes the skin look even.With SPF 50 that protects your skin from damages, keep it just fine for you.

So even after hours, I have not experienced any patchy skin issues as of yet. In case I feel any change in the product review I think I’m going to make the change here. by far this was the best that I could find for myself. The thing that really made me impress is the long hours it stays and the consistency this product delivers. For me it was a good one.

We all have our favourites, give me few names of you have so I can try them on me too.

Underthemascara signing off


Chanel CC cream
CC cream by Chanel

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