Seal it with a KISS

perfect colors on the lips, changes everything

Peaches and Pinks

oh, those colored cheeks always make the hearts grow fonder

Lip Stitch!

A stitch in time saves nine. Never thought it would be so appropriately used by me. Yes, yes fall is coming and we are all ready, waiting for its arrival eagerly. But that also brings us along with the chill, a my-skin-is-so-dry syndrome! Watch out girls and boys I have found a perfect saviour for all your …

A product that changed my life!!

Yes , you are looking at the right picture. This product has changed my life. A makeup buff, a makeup snob, they used to call me. But this has changed the whole meaning of my life. This is LAKME Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse! I am in love with this product,in awe of it actually. …