an extra math to thougths that run inside my head.

The split ends

You must be thinking it is my hair trauma making me write this but no this is rather serious than that ( it is also possible that I have my palms itching to write about that too now). All we normal humans have friends, the ones we love irrespective of anything they say or do …

What’s under those clothes?!

Every day I look at myself in the mirror and I see a fat girl under those clothes. So after a lot of torturing and self hate I realised its not just that to me, it's what's under the clothes, it is who I am, the person underneath, the fat and the body I carry …

The what if’s

Every day I wake up with the thought of too many what ifs. Some may often call me depressed or just sad, to me I am just lost. I had been wondering how many of us are just lost and we get to misjudged.  I am quiet unsettled in all the possible ways, it makes …

‘Broke’ or Broken

everything that is killing me.