‘Broke’ or Broken

everything that is killing me.

FIX it like you mean it.

MAC prep+prime makeup fix!

Wedding bells or drums?

This month of love brings us to the season of wedding bells. With most of my friends married now,  I have been feeling a little outcast. Each time someone gets married, I have my head filled with so many thoughts, questions and emotions. Is this it? Would it be the end? Will they ever call me? …

Better than Sex!

Having sworn myself as the girl under the mascara, I guess it is only fair on my part if I talk about the most essential product for me, a mascara, that defines me better. So, today it is going to be about the weapon that accentuates, highlight those pretty eyes. A mascara is not just …

Seal it with a KISS

perfect colors on the lips, changes everything

Peaches and Pinks

oh, those colored cheeks always make the hearts grow fonder

Who let the dogs out!

The mind is everything, What you think, you become What you feel, you attract What you imagine, you create. -Buddha By this age in our life (whatever your age is, but I am still pretty young), we have had many such experiences where we wish we hadn't been. The thing that makes it worse for you is …


Dengue! A blessing from the bite of Aedes mosquitoes. No, nothing like the love bite, it sort of kills you. In literal ways, it has an imposing impact on lives, it does take your breath away, not romantically, but in a very very sick kind of  a way. Your platelets fall, you can't stop throwing up …

Lip Stitch!

A stitch in time saves nine. Never thought it would be so appropriately used by me. Yes, yes fall is coming and we are all ready, waiting for its arrival eagerly. But that also brings us along with the chill, a my-skin-is-so-dry syndrome! Watch out girls and boys I have found a perfect saviour for all your …