an extra math to thougths that run inside my head.

The what if’s

Every day I wake up with the thought of too many what ifs. Some may often call me depressed or just sad, to me I am just lost. I had been wondering how many of us are just lost and we get to misjudged.  I am quiet unsettled in all the possible ways, it makes …

The Revlon return

This morning I opened the door to this amazing smooth lip colour from Revlon. It is called devotion Hd, which is a shade from ultra Hd matte lip colour collection of Revlon. Here I'm going to walk you through my experience with this lil one. To my surprise, it did stick around as in I …

‘Broke’ or Broken

everything that is killing me.

FIX it like you mean it.

MAC prep+prime makeup fix!